Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Game Jam

Here is the rest of the texturing for the Chivalry Contest.  My partner and I had some complications with the normal map for the helmet, so we decided to first learn more about the normal process before continuing to texture more. So here is my first attempt at realistic texturing.

Then this last weekend I had a 48 hour game competition, I modeled, Uv'd, textured, and rigged  5 characters along with rigging 2 other bipedal characters.

 I was quite proud of how the cat turned out in particular.  It was fun to model and rig so fast, I learned a bit about topology for rigging because it was easy to see my consistent mistakes with the models.  It was a lot of fun to work on a game that every one was super excited to be apart of, out of 11 teams that entered, ours won first place.

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